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I have received the following from Lt CDR Gerry Wright RNZN Retired.

Following further research I can confirm that the frigates involved in the protest against the French testing of Nuclear weapons in the atmosphere at Mururoa in 1973 did not receive any more radiation than is emitted by the sun each day.

The orders to HMNZ Ships Otago and Canterbury, involving over 40 pages, were comprehensive and extensive. Seven of those pages were devoted to the subject of radiation. Constant, very sensitive monitoring of the seawater and air was carried out by the NRL (National Research Laboritary) technician. As recordered in my book 'Mururoa Protest', no radiation level above the natural radiation of the sun was ever recorded.You might like to read page 212 of 'Mururoa Protest' again. When I later interviewed the technician, Jim McCohan, he commented to me that 'the radiation was no more that we get from a luminous wrist watch'. The equipment fitted in Canterbury when commissioned two years previously did not record any radiation.

As the Minister of Veterans' Affairs has stated on more than one occasion, should any evidence of the frigates being exposed to higher levels of radiation than that has been reported, he would re-evaluate the situation. In my research I have found no evidence of this, let alone proof.

Despite the above, The Manager, Veterans' Affairs, New Zealand, Mr Rick Ottaway, has told me that Otago University, as a recognised independent research organisation, will be asked to carry out research into the Mururoa Veterans' health problems.



I need help
Good Day Gentlemen, girls and boys
I required a list of your illness that you believe are attributed to radiation exposure. Also from your children and perhaps their children, as soon as possible please. Please include any mischariges, or divorices that you attribute to the radiation.
Either email the lists to me via This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it   or snail mail Peter Mitchell  2/87 Fraser Street, Tauranga 3112.

We, "Mururoa Veterans' Society"  hope that the Government of today research what health problems, if any, that the Veterans' and their children are experiencing that could be attributed to the 1973 French Nuclear bomb tests.

Welcome to the Mururoa Vets website

In 1973, the then Prime Minister of New Zealand, Norman Kirk, stated that the French where disobeying the World Court by continuing to test Nuclear bombs in the Pacific, namely at Mururoa Atoll. He sent a Government Representative the right honourable Fraser Colman, and the frigate HMNZS Otago, and then the frigate HMNZS Canterbury to stimulate world opinion against nuclear testing.

This site is intended to keep crew members of HMNZS Otago and HMNZS Canterbury that went to Mururoa Atoll (sometimes spelt Moruroa Atoll) in June, July and August 1973, the news media personel, the Government representative, and a representative from the National Laboratory, informed of medical, and other developments as they effect us.






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